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fellowship in msk physiotherapy

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INSTRUCTOR opportunities

The Physiotherapy Guild is expanding the Fellowship program across Canada.  We are looking specifically to introduce the program to the lower BC mainland, Saskatoon/Regina, Winnipeg, the GTA and Ottawa. 

Job description

Campus Instructors will deliver the Fellowship curriculum to registered physiotherapists in person in their local setting.  The instructor will guide participants through 16 two-hour seminars involving reading assignments, case studies, and carefully planned instruction in the following:

  • Critical thinking

  • Diagnostics

  • Caseload and time management

  • Treatment planning

  • Advanced clinical skill development

  • Development of strong therapeutic relationships

The Campus Instructor will become a member of the Physiotherapy Guild Faculty, and will provide services as a contractor, responsible for direct teaching of program participants.

The Physiotherapy Guild will provide all teaching materials and administrative support including:

  • Curriculum manual

  • Instructor's manual

  • Curriculum posters and seminar supplies

  • Certificates of completion

  • Marketing and registration

  • Weekly email recaps to the participants

  • Mid-term and final program evaluations.

Campus Instructor requirements


Licensed with the relevant provincial Physiotherapy College.


Instructors will be active Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy. 


Able to provide 2 hour seminars once every 2 weeks at variable times throughout the year.


A minimum of 10 years clinical experience in MSK physiotherapy.


3 hours of online instruction provided by Chief Instructor.  

32 hours of in person coursework over a 10 month period, provided by the Campus Instructor.

Sessions will run at mutually agreeable times.  Timing will be flexible to accommodate participants.



3 one-hour webinars.


In-person seminars

16 online webinars


Campus Instructors will provide services as a contractor, and will receive a generous instructors fee commensurate with their level of experience.


email your resume and cover letter to

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