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Class of 2024
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Campus Instructor, Physiotherapy Guild


Darin Cohen received his Bachelor of Human Kinetics from UBC in 2003, then completed his Masters of Physical Therapy at the University of Alberta in 2005. He then earned his FCAMPT certification in 2011, and he is also certified to practise medical acupuncture and intramuscular stimulation.


Darin has experience teaching post-graduate courses with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.  He has a multitude of experience both clinically and in the professional education of physiotherapists in Canada.

Darin will be teaching all 16 in-person Fellowship sessions in Burnaby, BC.

benefits of the program

A single key goal lies behind the entire curriculum of the Fellowship program:  to turn your thinking upside down, until you can make expert clinical decisions with each and every patient. Graduates are able to reorganize their thoughts into clear patterns that lead to wise diagnoses and flawless treatment planning.  This program provides a heavy dose of technical skill acquisition, with equal amounts of decision making and wisdom building. 


At the successful completion of all modules of the program, a certificate will be issued, which can be listed on your curriculum vita as “Fellowship in musculoskeletal physiotherapy”.

entry requirements


Licensed with the relevant provincial Physiotherapy College (Provisional licensure acceptable)


Working full time (30+ hours per week) in an outpatient orthopaedic environment.


Able to attend in-person sessions in Burnaby once every 2 weeks.


Committed to taking a deep dive into successful MSK practice.


32 hours of in-person instruction in Burnaby and 3 interactive live webinars. The timing of in-person sessions will be set to allow you to still work a partial morning or a partial afternoon / evening shift at your clinic.

The program runs in separate modules from

March to December 2024.


The 12 Frameworks of Mastery

A series of 3 one-hour live webinars to review the key frameworks that will be used during each module of the program.  

The webinars will be scheduled at a convenient time, prior to participants beginning the program.


Module 1: Cervical spine & shoulders

4 in-person sessions, March - April


Module 3:
Hips, knees and trigger points

4 in-person sessions,

September - October


Module 2: Thorax & lumbopelvis.

4 in-person sessions, May - June


Module 4:
Acute spines, neuropathic pain, complex cases

4 in-person sessions, November-December


Tuition fees are $625.00 per module.  

Payment is due at the beginning of each of the 4 modules.  

The program repeats each year, so that participants can begin with any module, and complete them in any order they choose.  Participants can choose to complete one, or all of the modules at their discretion.  Awarding of the Fellowship certificate occurs after successful completion of all 4 modules.


Example 1:

Begin the program in March, and complete the modules in order from 1-4.

Completion date:  December 2024.

Cost:  $2500


Example 2:

Begin the program in May, and complete modules 2, 3, 4  then 1.  

Completion date: April 2025

Cost: $2500


Example 3:

Choose a single module only, to enhance your skills in one area.  

Cost:  $625.00


If you have questions about the program, please inquire at

To register, scroll up to "View Course" and follow the registration prompts.

Enrolment is limited to a maximum of 6 candidates per session.

Applications will be deferred to the next available module once enrolment is met.

Registration can occur at any time during the year, prior to the beginning of a module.

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